PROJECT: Happy 20th Birthday Luke

As we all know, May 12, a person who admire greatly, complete another year of life, and that person is our hero, Luke Benward! And of course the "Luke Benward Brazil" could not fail to commemorate this important date in the life of Luke and Benwardians. Therefore, the team decided to create a birthday project, this time titled "Happy 20th Birthday Luke".

The project will function the similarly as last year, you can send us one pic of you or one video (in formats mp3. or avi.) with a plaque written the following sentence "Happy 20th Birthday Luke", if you want to add something on the plate, has no problem, the most important is to have the project name. Remember to use on plate, pens with strong colors such as black or red. If you wish to send a message along with your photo, feel free. ALL images, videos and messages that are received, will appear in a video made by us, we will try send to Luke and his family.

All this can be sent until May 8 and not one day more! The staff will have some work to organize video and messages, so we need everything in advance so that on May 12 everything is ready and very beautiful to Luke because he deserves!

To participate, fill out the form below:

If you have a Twitter account, help us with the hashtag #Happy20thBirthdayLuke, on May 12 to help share the video. We rely on the help of all of you, let's work together BENWARDIANS!

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